Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Crafty

Ah what a day it has been! The weather today was pretty warm for December and very windy which only means one thing... much rain is on the way. I have cleaned house, cooked a little, hung some laundry outside and got a tad crafty. I have guests coming over tomorrow for a little New Year's black eyed peas, cabbage, apples and hog jawl. Yesterday I got inspired to make something for my gals coming... although I'm not quite sure who will show up! Whoever the friends are they will have a little parting gift from me to start off their new year.

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to begin journalling again. I used to carry my journal around with me everywhere. I not only kept random writings but also ideas. If I need a recipe for bath salts I still know where to go! Aside from my journal I almost always have a spiral notebook nearby. I have at least four floating spirals for grocery lists, quick thoughts and whatever else I want to write down at the time. Heck, I have two sitting right here by my computer! One of them has some notes and pictures of an idea for my guests tomorrow to tie in my spiral love and writing. They are super easy to make and cheap!

Here's what you need: spiral notebooks, fabric, patches, ribbon, spray glue, newspaper

Yep that's it! Cut the fabric into 7.5 x 10 inch rectangles. Iron fabric if needed. Pic what you want to decorate your spiral with.

Spread out some newspaper and in a well ventilated area. Turn fabric over and spray the back of the fabric with spray glue (genius invention!) Turn the fabric over and place it onto the front of a spiral notebook pressing down to secure. Next spray the backs of your patches one at a time and place them on the front of your spiral.

Let the notebooks dry for about 15 minutes or so.

For the last step, open the notebook to the back cardboard. Spray one end of a piece of ribbon cut to about 12 inches long. Place it in the top left corner of the inside piece of cardboard. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes before closing. Your friends are bound to love taking a new journal, grocery book and whatever they'll like to use it for!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Calling All Jars... To The Basement!

The Christmas holiday is over. We got home from Sunday school and church and something clicked. Something that clicks about this time every year. The subconscious urge to get organized. I don't know if it's a subliminal superstition that things need to be put away, floors need to be swept, empty canning jars to the basement, or if it is simply a mental reasoning, "every thing's in it's place" feeling that I need when a new year is coming. Either way... it has to be done before the stroke of midnight on January 31st.

I actually think I did read the superstition once, maybe in a feng shui book I picked up while trying to cleanse my home. I, to this day, after reading a small belief book of red doors and plants in certain corners, have nothing under my bed. Actually there is a dog bed but she prefers it be there... not me.

Today I have completely cleaned my crap/craft room, moved my jars, put up the Christmas tree and stockings, organized the VCR/DVDs and feel much, much better. Yes... we do still have and watch VCR tapes. We live in the country, 1/2 mile off the road. Who can afford to run the cable TV that far? I did, however happily accept an outdoor antenna from my husband this Christmas which I am so excited about. Not that we will have tons more channels to find nothing to watch on but for the shear fact that on Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. from now until free television is no longer offered I will be watching the Antiques Roadshow and eating my bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with plain Lay's, dill pickles and beverage of choice with a gratifying smile upon my face.

As for the new year ahead, I will be ready. I still have to arrange the top shelf in the dinnerware cabinet to stop the clinking of glass up there and whatever else I come up with to straighten, dust and regulate. I believe in not taking a bunch of clutter, dirt and disarray into a new year for fear that the year that lies ahead will too be cluttered, dirty and in total disarray. Even if it's just a silly Old Wives' Tale, sweeping out all of this year's dust is a good feeling.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

While cleaning out my, messy as all get out craft room today, I came across some inspiring notes that I took when I was watching a sermon on television one Sunday morning. I am at a constant struggle in my mind between work and my impatient mind in what I really want to be doing with my life. I keep having a nagging in my heart to "just do it" and a pulling in my mind that says "do what?"

My notes included: Lord, take my creativity and make me creative to make a difference. Help me to use the right and left side of my brain together. Help me to use my talents for others.

There are a lot of choices for New Year's Resolutions. One year I made a resolution to stop storing pans and pots inside my oven. I realized just yesterday that I succeded in doing just that. My thoughts today are this, if I can stop a simple habit such as pots and pans storage I can make what I really want to be doing just as simple as that. Can't I?

I'd better get to thinking of what it is I can use my talents for in the coming year.

All things are possbile with God.