Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Farm Documentary

I have been so fascinated with herbs and herb books lately.  I want someone to come to our farm, walk around with me, and tell me what each and every wildflower, tree and possible herb is growing here.  There are tons of plants that I could make up names all day long for, just as I have certain areas or our farm.  But it would never be it's true name and kind of like Nell.. I would be the only one who understood it! 

After my fifth checked out herb book from the library last week (not all in the same week!) it hit me.  I should make an herb/wildflower book of our farm!  With glued trimmings, sketches, the works!  I had to get started.. after all.. this book will be around for a good while and as I find something new I could add to it and finally, maybe, identify some of the beauties for myself even when they are not in season.

I decided, after coming up with this project on Friday, that I should begin on Saturday, after all... I have all the stuff I need to get started... except a friend.  I called my sister and got permission to kidnap my niece to help.  She actually came quite willingly... who wouldn't!?!?

Saturday morning came and so did some rain.  It put off our adventure for and hour which put us an hour into a hot morning.  We documented fifteen plants with pictures, location, measurements, details of smell and feel, a sketch or two and glued on card stock clippings.  We were only out for maybe two hours and wanted more than that but we had a bit of four wheeler trouble and it was awfully hot and muggy but we had fun!

The book is no where near finished if it ever will be!   

Monday, July 25, 2011

Grilled Summer Squash

In our household there's just nothing like the smell of squash, picked from our garden, frying in a pan.  Dipped in milk then breaded, simply in flour, with a teeny dash of salt and pepper is how we like them.
Until today...

I do have to say that I am a bigger fan than Shaun of the recipe I am about to share.  He is a generalist and likes to stick with what works most of the time.  Although he will try anything and I mean anything that I cook.  He always say "Mmmm that's the best I have ever tasted!"  He's goood. 

It is July 25th and we are just a smidgen over run with yellow, crooked neck squash right now.  I, for one, am just not happy with freezing squash.  Last year I even breaded and froze it with high hopes that were disappointed this past winter when all the breading stuck to the freezer foil.  I don't want to be let down again so I am trying my best to use what we've got.  Nuff said... here's the recipe!

Grilled Summer Squash

3-4 medium sized squash
olive oil
sea salt
butt rub... that's right.. Butt Rub (if you don't got it... get it!)

Slice both ends off each squash.  Half the body of the squash.  Brush olive oil on each flat side of the squash.  Sprinkle sea salt, pepper and butt rub on to each piece.  Place on the grill at the same time your steaks and corn (or whatev) are cooking with the skin side down.  After about ten minutes turn the squash over to have the flat side down.  Cook about ten more minutes and remove to a plate.

See.. that was easy!  dang they were good too.  Like I said I like them better than Shaun did.  He ate skin and all.  I kindof ate mine like watermelon and just ate the inside leaving the skin on my plate.  A great addition to our lovely summer meal tonight. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Twin Topic Thursday

My friend Jenn and I are giving this a try for fun.  We decided to pick a topic and both write a short piece about it.  Then link to each other's blogs, which we already do, so each of our readers can see and possibly be even more inspired about our topic.  Here goes for the first edition.

Topic: If you had the time, right now, to learn and apply a new trade to your life what would it be and why?

My new trade would be Bee Keeping.  Since I have moved to the country and have mucho room for gardening and growing flowers, I have desired to learn more about bee keeping but constantly pull back on putting this idea into practice.  I want the hives, the worker bees, the queen bee, the honey, the guts to put on the suit and go in to my hive hands first.  I want to help the honey bee population in our area as there doesn't seem to be near the amount of honey bees as there seemed to be when I was a child. 

I read about bee keeping in library books, I've read blogs of people who keep bees, I know it would be beneficial to all that we do on our farm.  I can talk myself right into it and right back out of  it.  

I will venture into bee keeping one of these days but if I had the time, right now, to learn, buy the stuff and put the interest into practice, that is just what I would do.

Now, please go and check out what my darling friend Jenn what trade would pick up and learn if time permitted. 

Thank you!  And now the topic goes to you!  If you had the time, right now, to learn and apply a new trade to your life what would it be and why?

Have fun!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Canning: especially canning using vegetables that came from a thoughtful and very sweet source.  Granny's friend Shirley.  Thank you for thinking of me.

Butterfly Hill: which is what I call the hill at the back of our farm that is too steep to bush hog.  It always has unique wildflowers and tons of butterflies and hummingbirds hang out there. This is the top of it... the flowers here... not that hill over there.

Flowers: I planted these coneflowers on Sipsey's grave two years ago and this is the first time they have bloomed.  I love that.

Me Time:  Our over sized claw foot tub that I can turn over in, watch the stars, and soak my cares away in.  I like the backless chair I got in BellBuckle too.  I knew exactly where in our new home it was going even before the house was anywhere near finished.

Library Books: and the evolving of my reading habits.  I was truly never a reader growing up.  It was only about three years ago that I overcame my fear of being kicked out of libraries and started checking out books.  I haven't stopped yet.  I am quite spoiled by the Davidson County Library, even though I have to pay once a year for the privilege because I don't live in that County.  It is near work.

And Finally Today: Dottie Girl trying to smell our supper through the back door glass.  This is the second time we have caught her doing this.  Clever way to get our attention huh?

Thank you for your time and attention.
Love, Laurie