Sunday, October 30, 2011

What keeps me amused

One thing I have always said about myself is "that I could have fun by myself in a paper bag."  Huh.. so can my cat.  Great minds I guess.  And also let it not be said that Aunt Laurie doesn't know how to have a good time.

Yesterday, after my recovery from what I called "the day after our wedding reenactment," I finally made myself go outside and take a walk.  I didn't so much want to head up the driveway to get the mail... too much wind.  And the breeze yesterday and today had a Northern chill to it.  So I meandered along the edge of the woods behind our house and along the back field.  I saw that the electric fence around the pig lot apparently wasn't working because I spotted a piggie toosh up in the air from across the field as he was trying to dig out.  I was hoping to find a feather or two, but there were none to be found.  I wound up back at the front porch watering pansies and trying to freeze water droplets in action.  Isn't it amazing that our eye doesn't work this fast but motion does?

The ripples looked like a flower to me.
I love the ripples in the burst going upward and also the reflection.
This one is my favorite.  Frozen motion that happened so fast this was the only way I could see it well.

My sister called while I was taking these and the four of us plus my nephew wound up going to eat Mexican... which only furthered the reenactment.  If I had only eaten at the party the night before I feel as if I could have avoided a wasted day.  Was it wasted or semi what my body needed... rest.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creepy Thoughts

Things that are stuffed.  By things I mean animals.  Living in the country, having a husband who hunts and apparently being the red-neck-lady-bird, or Laurie Bird as Aunt Lynda calls me, we have lots of taxidermied animals adorning the walls and corners of our home.  Some women care and don't allow their husband's hunting trophies to be hung inside the house claiming they would "look better" in the man cave.  I could care less.  I like the way the coyote looks on the landing and the sets of antlers above each door looks.  Pick up a copy of Elle Decor anytime and you'll find antlers on a table or a fox fur on the coffee table.  It's chic!  Get with it peeps. 

Here are a few examples of lovely, furred art that were available over the weekend.  All you have to do is look and purchase items for your own home and you too could move into the world of high fur fashion in your home.

A nice Buck.  Looks fantastic over a fireplace or consider a Doe... like mine... over the bathtub.
Some sort of a pheasant or duckling.  Very nice especially sitting comfortably on a bed of ivy.
Comes with it's own box.  And I'm pretty sure it's smiling.
I think this dove has seen better days but then think about it... it is probably pretty difficult to skin and stuff a delicate mourning dove and keep it from looking too sickly.  Nevertheless... not too bad.
Cage not included. 
I do not know what kind of rat dog this was but notice the inner front leg and how the fur comes together.  Yes folks... someone had FooFoo stuffed. 

See... Creepy Thoughts.  Good fun for a Halloween weekend coming up!  Be Safe Kids!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Faves

An incredible weekend.  An incredible craft fair.  Two of my sisters, myself, three nieces and one nephew got up extra early and headed south-east to the ting town of Bellbuckle, Tennessee.  We walked, laughed, scoured and awed at each booth and antique shop around.  One in particular was so utterly exciting I wanted to hug the owner and decorator for being so brill!

This is my last full day of the thirty-seventh chapter of my book of life.  Tomorrow begins thirty-eight and I have to say I am excited.  I truly feel as if it is New Year's Eve.  I have a few resolutions, a few goals and big hopes and dreams for this year.  And a new cousin to kick it off!

Here are a few glimpses of my favorite store's decor from Bellbuckle this year.  
Inside Philip's General Store.

Caskets were all a theme in Halloween decor this year.

A touch of Dorothy... brilliant.

Creepy, stuffed creatures found here and there.

Vintage photographs darned displays all over.  Which some own a creepiness of their own.

At $3.00 a scoop these teeny, weeny pumpkins, which were actually some sort of seed pods from India, were a fabulous steal!

And I spy three shoppers I know too well! 

I realized my jaw was on the floor minutes after entering this fabulous shop.  The pictures do not do the justice it deserves.  I cannot wait to go back to ohh and aah over the Christmas Displays.

Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Colorful Journey

Last week my friend Jenn opened my eyes to a new kind of journaling.  A-Picture-A-Day.  Now you don't have to be a trained artist or even know how to draw to be able to create something beautiful.  And it's for your eyes so does it really matter? 

I am a little tired this evening as I haven't been sleeping well.  But I wanted to share my little creations the last five days.  I began my Colorful Journey on Saturday, October 1st.  I plan on filling the month up with whatever strikes me when my pen hits the paper.

For the paint I am using regular, cheap-o acrylic craft paint and water.  I cut an egg carton, add a teaspoon size or less of water to each egg carton cup and a drop of paint.  Stir it up and paint away. 

For the paper, I don't have any special watercolor or drawing paper.  I don't like to buy a bunch of crap at the craft store with good intentions.  I prefer to make do with what I have.  So my paper is simply a heavy pound of copy paper folded in half.  After I add the paint I let it dry for five or ten minutes then put it in between a couple of heavy books to help flatten it out.

Here's what I have so far... provided the up loader let's me put tall pics on here.  You may have to turn your head slightly to the left. 

Or to the right :)

I've not a clue how this one cooperated.

I got mad a while back and actually have it written in my journal I CAN DRAW!  Just tell yourself you can, sit down and DO IT!  It's not going to come out unless you let it.  And a whole month of a Colorful Journey will give anyone plenty of practice!