Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. It's Christmas morning and I am up bright and early. I couldn't lay there anymore with hickory smoke smell still heavy in my hair and cream cheese that needed to be out of the fridge. It almost had nothing to do not being able to find one of my ear plugs in the bed. It is like everything knows it's Christmas. Miss Kitty, our barn cat, came in the house last night which is normally not allowed and Tommy crawled up to snuggle this morning at the top of the bed instead of the foot. We had our fifth annual Christmas Eve Hulsey tradition of smoking the meat for our Christmas day feast. It is always an experience. Uncle Randy always brings a ton of shrimp for everyone, lies are told, old friends are remembered and this year there was someone else in the top of the barn instead of the barn owl that hung out last year. We laugh and cut up and just love on one another and there's no place else I'd rather be.

This happens in one of the old tobacco barns.  The smoker keeps us warm and there are Christmas carols on the radio in the other room... and every now and then Blue Christmas is heard by one of us... Elvis style.
 I had three chickens, a boston butt and sweet potatoes on this year.  The rest are ribs and turkeys.

I would love to say that nobody burned his hand or pissed his britches but I can't.  Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Simple Santas

This was absolutely the simplest of crafts.  I have needed more boxes for bathtub shelves  lately (thank goodness!)  so we have had plenty of them at the day care to play in.  When I box up a shelf I have to completely man-handle the box, cut it and make it fit because our shelves are made to order. 

That being said I had quite a bit of scrap cardboard.  So I cut a simple oval-ish piece for both kids for Santa's face.  Then I cut out the hat for them from red construction paper and tore strips of newspaper for the beard.  The boys suggested the crayons on their own.  So they used glue sticks and colored and pasted.  I think they turned out great.

I love these.  They are so simple and require very little yet filled the spot called "craft time" in our day.  I get some of the sweetest pictures of these kids.  This one is one of my favorites.

Even though I can't have children of my own, I have been blessed and am continuing to be blessed by the children in my life. 

there... i said it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Dirty Dirty Part 3

Among several spots in our home that need a good cleaning out, this is the third one that I am sharing with you!  Let me tell ya, it's not easy to show the world what a slob I can be.  But I am playing "show and tell" as a sort of incentive for myself to get it done and also for you.  Maybe you have an area that needs straightening, a "catch-all" spot... don't you?

Well, also,  the end of the year is coming and I am particularly funny about taking un-necessary dirt and clutter into the new year.  In fact, I once read in a Feng Shui book that you need to sweep out all the old dirt,  from the previous year, right out the door.  I got what they meant and every year I begin to do weird stuff the last few weeks of the year.

Here is the tacky spot in my home that I tackled today.  The linen closet in my hall.  I have a thing for vintage sheets but I use the softest of soft flannel sheets during the winter and from about October until March that is what we use.  So what's the point of keeping them in this tiny spot when they can be bagged up for a few months?  I wound up keeping two sets down and a spare set for the guest bedroom.  Just in case they aren't fond of the flannel sheets for that room.  Mostly, the towels needed to be sorted, refolded and put in their correct spaces and everything else for that matter.  All in all this re-do took about twelve minutes.  And that is just silly because I have been putting it off for months. 

Before... not terrible but needs help.
 Flat sheets in with the towels??? Have I gone MAD???
 What a lazy slob.  This is how I kick myself when I look at these pictures.
Why is my Fourth of July flag even in there???
 Spread it all out to decide what goes in the attic and what stays.
 Stored extra pillows up top instead of on the floor.
Flannels on the right, looking forward to warmer weather on the left.
Gosh I love that old poppies flat sheet.  I want a dress made out of it.
 Refolded and refluffed.
I use the ones on the right, Shaun likes the ones on the left. 
We are quirky about the wash cloths too.
 I am beginning to be able to breathe again.
The fan stays.  It is still needed in the kitchen at times.
 And as for you vintage pillowcases... this doesn't mean Mommy doesn't love you.
See you in the Spring!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Treats

Listen up y'all.  I am serious when I say that I am sharing this recipe for your own good.  It is so easy and sinful.. I mean delightful.  There are only three ingredients to this treat.  I only allow myself to make no more than a dozen, ok eighteen, or so, at a time because I will literally each all of them if I'm not careful. 

All you need is a bag of pretzels (not the stick kind), a bag of Rolos and some pecan halves.

I am suddenly wondering if I have posted this before.  I was probably hoggish last Christmas and didn't want to share.  Which generally happens when I make these. 

Lay out 12 or so pretzels on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.  Next unwrap 12 or so Rolos.  Enough to cover one Rolo per Pretzel.  Pop your pan into your preheated to 350 degrees oven for three minutes.  After three minutes, take them out and gently press a pecan half on each melty Rolo. 

You're gonna feel so hoggish over these that you'll be rootin' out from under the door!

I wish I had taken a picture of the results on a pretty Christmas plate but truth be known they didn't last that long.  I picked this recipe up from the Hugh McFartin' show last year during the recipe portion of the program that his wife does.  She talks so fast I had to run get a pencil to write it down before I forgot.  With so many ingredients and all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Suncatchers

Y'all... I came up with this one all by myself!  I promise.  This morning when I was cutting out big Christmas trees for the kids to glue paper cut out ornaments on, I said "wouldn't it be neat if you could see light through these?"  And one thing led to another and before you know it, there was one hanging in the kitchen window.  You can do these with children or by yourself.  Either way... you're going to stand back and say "that is so cute."

And now.. I will silently work my magic.

Isn't that just precious?   I am sure they would look equally as pretty on the Christmas tree itself with the lights shining through.  Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Shop Items

New shop items... in both shops!  Mainly spent shotgun shells and rusted.... I mean rustic stuff I found in a bucket in Shaun's shop but it will all be of use to someone!  My main shop has new handmade items that I have had a lot of fun making including employing the help of my darling husband.  He is so handy!  Especially since I truly don't think I should be trusted using a table saw. 

Please take a look when you have a minute.  You can click on the links to my shops on the left > 
Peppysis & ShotgunsAngel

I cannot help but say "why yes... my neck is red."
Why do you ask?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Peppysis' Tips To De-Stress

The Holiday Season is and has been well upon us kids!  During this time people can find themselves stressed out with the hum and bum and hustle and bustle, feeling the loss of loved ones, life changes really kicking in.  There are ways to help cope that are easier than you think.  These few tips can be used any time of the year, not just around the Holidays.  Here's what has helped me when I don't feel like I can take much more. 

Exercise - I used to run a lot, ok most of the time I walked really fast, but that was when I was single and didn't run my own business.  Now it's hard to find the time and energy to fit exercise in but it is so important.  My Mother gave me a dvd a couple of years back by Denise Austin called Blast Away the Pounds, Indoor Walk.  The routines are so simple and take you for a one mile walk in 15 minutes.  I broke my dvd out two days ago and started in and I am slightly ashamed to say that I am a little sore.  Here's where you can buy her dvd.

Omega-3 - Fatty acids, the good kind, that are essential to both health and happiness.  You can buy fish oil supplements that are a good source of Omega-3s or they can be found in foods like pumpkin seeds, eggs, walnuts and flax seed to name a few.  Here's more information to read up on Benefits 1  and Benefits 2.

Meditation - What?  Seriously?  Seriously... even Goldie Hawn does it.  I have recently become a meditating person.  It's not taking a nap.  Meditation (by Jack Kornfield) has taught me a wonderful way to "let things go."  My mind tends to hold on to things, most of the time in a negative way, but through Meditation for Beginners by Jack Kornfield, I have learned a totally different way of dealing and coping with issues in my life that torment me.  After the first session I actually looked at myself in the mirror and saw a different side of myself.

Sunshine - "A good ole dose of vitamin D" is what I always say.  If you can't get out into the fresh air for a minute at least step in to the sunshine.  Feel it's warmth.  Let the big ball of fire nourish your soul even if just for a minute through a window.  And I mean let it shine directly on you, not you looking out to see it shining on someone else.  Step in to the light.

Sleep - I know you know that the body and mind needs sleep and rest.  Please make sure, especially during this busy season, that you get at least 7 or 8 hours a night even if you have to put something off, like the News at 10.  You're mind will rest easier without it.

Smiling - Even if you don't feel like it, smile at people you see.  Give a compliment to make others smile.  You know you said to yourself "wow her hair cut is cute"... say it out loud and to that person.  Try not to bring other people down by showing your grimace off.  Just smile.

Have a wonderful Stress-Free Holiday season.  I hope something here might assist you in making it healthier for yourself.

Monday, December 3, 2012

What We're Reading

After a heavy library visit on Saturday, and by heavy I mean the book stack, I found myself at home with fifteen books. (quiet he he)  I left with a stack of children's books to read at the DC this week and a stack for myself to browse over. 

Some of them are to inspire our Provost ( :) ) journey down the road, some of them just to look at and one of them to remind me that gardening in 2013 really isn't that far away.  Plus it was a suggestion from a new blog friend's book role

None of the children's books were on the hold shelf for me.  I hand picked them while I was there.  I always wonder what people think of me.  Seeing me squatting or sitting Indian style in the kid's section with a healthy grin on my face. 

I do regret not taking the time to check out a new reading book.  One that I can pour over the words.  One with no pictures, just the ones they paint for you.  Maybe next week. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st?

This has been one beautiful day in Tennessee.  After wearing short sleeves all day, I checked the thermometer which was reading an outdoor temp of a fine 66 degrees.  That was at about 2:00.  I had running to do this morning which included a trip to the tiny feed store down the street in which I bought hay instead of straw to reline the chicken coop once I cleaned it out this afternoon.  It still works but I always feel laim because I can never remember the difference between the two until I see it and forehead smack!  This particular feed store only has hay so I really didn't have a choice unless I went up somewhere else.  Nuff said... here's a few views.  I have a wedding to get ready for.