Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shotguns Angel

Announcing my new Etsy shop Shotguns Angel!  I am so excited to finally take the step in selling my slightly morbid finds and items.
As you already know, I am a nature lover.  I take lots of walks, during all seasons, here on our farm.  I am a finder of feathers and odd natural things which I do not quiver in picking up and putting into my bag.  If you visit our home and look around, you will find cool rocks, feathers of all kinds, fossils, flint, owl pellets, and the occasional animal bone.  It may sound odd to you but I love it and have decided to sell some of my finds to others who have the same interests or need them for any use they wish!
My other Etsy shop, Peppysis, will still feature homemade items and vintage finds.
Here are a few of the new items in my new shop, Shotguns Angel.

I chose the name, Shotguns Angel, for my shop for a reason.  Anyone who has known my husband for any considerable amount of time, knows that his nickname from childhood is Shotgun.  It's kind of an Elmer Fudd thing.  Sometimes I can tell how long a person has known him just by them calling him Shotgun.  And, my being his Angel, gave me the idea for the name of the shop.  Awe.
Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!
xoxo ~Shotgun's Angel 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

nature bracelets

While playing outside or taking a walk outdoors with your child or children, consider adding a sort of nature hunt to the moment.  Which I am all about!  Today, the day care kiddos and I, broke out a roll of masking tape.  I stretched out a length for each child and taped it around their wrist, not tight, with the sticky side up.  Sticky side up is the important key here.  And you need to act quickly and get to the point of the craft across with the smaller ones or they will want to take it off and the fun is over. 

Grab a piece of grass or small leaf from the ground and stick it on the tape to show the purpose and general idea.  The kids here went to town with it!  Picking up fluffy feathers, tiny rocks, leaves, flower pedals and clovers.  It is really fun and especially handy if there is a certain item in nature that you are teaching such as bird feathers or colors. 

Parents, it's also not a bad idea to carry a small roll with you to any event held outside in which you may have to keep your child's attention for a bit.

bookshelf newcomers

I obtained four new books from my Grandfather's collection over the weekend.  He is one who logged, in most of them, the dates in which he obtained them.  Which, I think, only adds to how special he was. 

planning bird feeders for winter feeding at the day care.

especially tickled about this one. our barn is about to be in the works, which will include my greenhouse. this one is circa 1978.

handwriting, so sweet to see.

seeds from vine at granddaddys'

day care view

porch friend

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

four fanciful things

1. found on my library's site.  here for you
2. deadwood, hbo special, long ago aired but new to me.  find it here
3. vintage green belt... hopefully mine but a little large.  found here
4. i get their updates by email and get a lot of ideas too.  check them out
what's your current fancy?  share with me what you're finding and where.
I love finding new blogs and places to deal.
like this blog i found

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Dove Hunt To Remember

Each year, on opening day of dove season in Tennessee, my father-in-law at Sleepin' Bear Lodge and Farms, puts on a dove hunt event.  This year was the seventh annual hunt in which proceeds are donated to Ronald McDonald House of Nashville. 

This year was by far the best and most fun of any dove hunt that I have been to, and I have been in attendance at the last five.  We all pitch in and help cook.  Shaun fires up the smoker, I dig out the 16 inch cast iron skillet for cornbread and Granny and her friends make the desserts.  Door prizes are handed out and at 12:00 pm the hunters are delivered to their hunting spots for the afternoon of shots going off and doves a flyin! 

The weather was perfect, although we had one rain shower, some sun, and then a big rain shower.  After the second rain the doves were everywhere.  After firing off some shots and missing several dove (it's not easy to hit a flying bird) I grabbed my camera and figured I would definitely get some good shots in one way or another.  It was actually poetic as I had Shaun's ear protection on with the radio station in them tuned to a jazz station.  So Jazz narrated my hunt.  Quite nice. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Camera Shelf Re~Do

I have a small collection of vintage cameras.  Most of them came from yard sales, one belonged to my Grandmother and my Uncle Randy gave one of the fold out ones and the super cool spy camera, which I would love to find film for.  Until this week they were all just spaced out, boringly, on a shelf in a corner of our kitchen.  They are still on the shelf but styled differently. 
The cameras were spaced out and by pushing them together and adding a couple of old camera bags and camera accessories, I feel I have totally changed the look of the shelf for the better.  Any collection in your home, when placed together, can pose a different and more manicured look. 
btw I apologize for the lacking of light in these pics... it's a not-so-well lit corner of the room.

 graciously spaced and semi-bland
 oh look.. this one is older than i am. 
remember the flash bulbs?  mom had a camera they fit on.

two camera cases, film container, extra lens, bringing the brownie up higher... layering.
finished look.
putting that chalk pencil to use again!  look at me go!
change something up in your world.
the actual shelf is getting a makeover soon too :)