Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Treasury

Treasury lists are very popular on Etsy.com.  Our bathtub caddy has been in quite a lot, which is fantastic and good exposure.  When you are on the first page of the site, you can scroll down and on your left you will find Treasury.  They are compilations of found items on etsy with a common denominator such as... navy blue, spa time or beachy, and you can submit them and they sometimes find their way to the front page.  Which I love to be a part of. 
Here is a Rustic Chic treasury I made to share with you.  It is much like my four fanciful things series that comes about on Fridays but I still love to share things that I find with you.  I feel you fancy it as well.  Thanks to you for your time and attention.  ~xo

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