Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Easy Croutons

I have never made croutons in my life... up until now.  I was taking an easy route while making supper by omitting a vegetable and adding a salad.  Just a plain salad with iceberg lettuce, sliced grape tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and croutons.  But alas, when I went to the pantry there were no croutons to be found.  How sad.  I thought for a moment about making them and almost decided to tough out the salad without any crunchy goodness about.  I opened my trusty red and white Better Homes cook book and thumbed to page 431.  There I found simple instructions and proceeded to make a simple batch of croutons that only took a little bit of time and I created magic. 

I love and adore a good crouton.  When I think of a restaurant where I normally order a salad with my meal, I can picture what kind of croutons the salad will include.  These croutons are light in the middle and perfectly crunchy on the outside without breaking your jaw.  I had no idea, I just had no idea that I could make something so easy and kick every crouton's ass that I have ever tasted.  You can do it too you know... and you should.


See, I liked the first picture of ingredients but it didn't show you the label on the seasoning good enough.  Blogging is work y'all!  Oh and you don't have to use unsalted butter.  I normally don't unless I am baking.  This was all a set up after the fact when I realized that I made the best croutons ever.  Had I known I would have made pictures the first time.  I need to trust my abilities before hand huh?


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