Friday, May 31, 2013

four fanciful things

Bathing Suit ~ Ann
Hammock ~ Ikea
Flower Bowl ~ Ikea
Dishtowels ~ Ikea
The sad part of this beautiful and colorful list is that I can't order the items from Ikea online and the store nearest home is four hours away in Atlanta.  Is there a roadtrip in my future?  I can just see chunks of cold watermelon in the sweet bowl and me... lounging in the woods at Camp Hulsey in the hammock wiping the watermelon from my chin with the cheeky, matching dishtowels. 
Ahhh a summer dream.
I am in search of a new bathing suit and am frankly a bit shocked at what I have been finding.  I am approaching forty for crying out loud.  I don't want my bottoms to go below my hip bone.  I want my tush covered people.. is that so wrong?  And they aren't cheap to boot.
 I love this blue one from Ann Taylor with the Chevron stripes.  So cute!

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