Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Checked Out: Found Style

My fantastic book this week is:
Found Style
Vintage Ideas for Modern Living
By: David and Amy Butler
Checked Out Rating: 10
I seriously do not want to take this book back to the library.  I have had it in my possession for about five weeks and it is due back yet again this Saturday.  I will probably wind up buying it for my own library.  I have here a wonderful home decorating book where they use vintage and old items displayed in tons of pictures throughout the book.  I have been from inspired to drooling by something every time I have opened it.  I even let my sister borrow it for a day or two. 
I will say that these are not the best pictures from the book.  Sometimes I will take pictures of pictures in books that I like for ideas.  And these are examples of that as well as looks in the book.

Scary but this page has me all over it, with the feathers, bones, nests and antlers.