Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Planting Seeds

I have found that I house quite the plethora of seeds, from veggies to flowers.  I decided instead of over-planting the garden with flowers, I would plant seeds in pots outside.  I really eased up on flower purchases this year and can't stand it I guess.  And it is not too late in the season to do this.  Some of these will flower on up until frost unless I move them onto the covered porch and then they may flower longer.  So I have orange cosmos and assorted dahlias coming up and have other seeds that I just planted over the weekend that will hopefully pop their heads above dirt line soon.
It seems too easy to be true.  I simply took several of my enamelware pots and buckets that have holes in the bottom, put in rocks and dirt, then laid the seeds scattered on the surface and dusted them with soil.  I just have to make sure they get a sprinkling of water until they come up and care for them normally after they are here.  Color is what I am after and hopefully is what I will get in a rustic enamel sort of way... like I like.  Plus if we went camping or something I reckon I could take along a pot or two for color.