Saturday, June 22, 2013

Polly and Jerry

I am so excited to announce that we have two precious new piglets.  Before you ask, no these are not pets, even though I have named them.  This is our fourth set of pigs to raise for food.  Our stash in the freezer is getting mighty low and these two pigs will be ready to be processed in December.  We got them from a fella in Portland, TN.  I was seriously relieved to find them on a nice farm in very nice conditions quite like our own... or our own dreams.  We don't have cows yet.  We initially wanted two sows but ended up with a boy and a girl so we had a teeny job to do on him before putting him in the pen.  We did not cut their tails which we have done on all our pigs in the past. 
I am thankful to not have to throw any scrap of food away in our house for a while.  Granny and I make this a little side hobby since neither of us like to see our hard kitchen work go to waste. 
I don't normally name animals that we plan to eat.  These two are just too cute to not have names.  I think I'm toughening up that I can name and eat.
Meet Pretty Miss Polly Pockets and Jerry.

 Miss Polly's curly tail.

 Polly on the right, Jerry on the left.  He has more black than she does and is a tad smaller.

 Jerry likes to wag his tail a lot.