Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sweet Kate Update

I tell you what, this dog is probably going to be smarter than us!  Our sweet puppy, Thelma Kate (my furry friends have always had multiple names), is so smart and sweet.  She is still napping like a baby but her playing is getting more and more energetic and let me tell you... the girl is fast!  We will run and run in the yard and when I stop fast and say "heel" she does and waits for me to give her the command to go again.  She responds to her name now except when it is time to go somewhere like when it is time to go home from the day care and she doesn't want to leave.  Bless her heart.  She'll get the hang of how things go.  She also noticed a robin in the yard and went after it.  I think her eyesight is getting to where she can see further and further and tune in on certain things.  She follows us around like a good girl and goes outside by herself.  She stays on or around the porch.  She definitely knows she is home.  Her legs are getting long and her little paws are getting bigger.  She also has such fun with the day care kids in playing with them and helping them do little chores like putting up their nap pillows and blankets.  We gave her her nine week shots today and she was so good to let us.  It seems like she has been with us longer than just two weeks.  She is such a good girl and we are so lucky to have her.  The perfect little addition to our family and farm.
Sleepy baby.  She is going to outgrow this bed fast.
 She likes when she is finally allowed to wake them up.
 Helping with chores... kind of.
 Sweetheart.  I love the water on her furry lips in this picture.
 Sharing a bit of breakfast.
 Waiting patiently.
 Raring up wanting another bite of Shaun's biscuit.
 Sometimes she sleeps with my boots on the front porch.