Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Truck Yeah

Some say when life gives you lemons... make lemonade.
I say... "when life gives you a slight buzz on a Monday night and water in the pond... go through it in the Blazer!"
And he said... "OK... let's do it"
I have wanted to cut doughnuts in the pond that refuses to hold water behind the day care ever since he dug it.  Tonight... there was water in it from the rains over the weekend.  We were just hanging out, having a cold one on a June evening watching the sun go down listening to a good mixed CD when I got the idea and we headed down the driveway.
I made a right by his dump truck and eased my truck towards the shallow mud hole.  When I got to the edge I gouged on it as Shaun would say and made it across, made a quick right loop avoiding the DC garden and went back through.  When I got to the other side I was giggling so hard I had to stop for a second before putting it in reverse and backing up to do it again!  This time I went on through and headed out and towards the woods through Gary's farm.  Dang... sometimes Monday nights are fun.  Shaun's encouraging words to me were... " I'm proud of you Honey... you didn't even get stuck." Awe :)

She's Smiling!

My view from the DC which will make me grin all day.
P.S. Might I say that I always have nature in mind.  I know there is nothing but insects in this water and the occasional turtle when there is more water than this.  The frogs hang at the other pond.  Therefore, I thought it just fine to tear it up.  When the water goes down a bit more I will be cutting doughnuts in the mud... just watch me!  Nothin like four wheeling a lil to make me laugh!