Saturday, June 15, 2013

What I'm Lovin' On

My sister Tracy gave me this all-purpose cleaner as a hostess gift on Mother's Day. 
The special summer scent is Tomato Vine.  I love it and have never been quite this
fascinated with wiping counters and tables.  It comes from Target.  I went back and bought more because I was toting it back and forth from home to DC.  Crazy lady.

My elephant watering can at the day care given to me by Granny.
It has the easiest stream of water that comes from the truck that doesn't damage your plants.
You can buy one at amazon HERE.

My luscious basil, parsley and chives growing in this old water tub/sink that
I bought at an estate sale.

I am crushing on both of these books. 
I bought The Secret Life of Bees at a yard sale last Saturday for one dollar and haven't wanted to put it down since I began reading it. 
I got Steal Like an Artist in the mailbox yesterday and am already inspired!

This puppy belly.  Soft as can be.