Monday, July 29, 2013

the august break

Ok y'all... in an effort to sort of restart my blogging brain I am choosing to give something a shot.  A lot of blogs that I follow are taking a break for the month of August and only posting a picture that goes along with a theme for each day.  Now granted mine probably won't be each day mainly because I can't stick with things at times but I am willing to give it a shot.  Just for the one month.  I hope you hang around to see what I will be working on for September which right now seems far away.

Here is a good post of a blog that I follow that may explain it better and link you up to other bloggers that are choosing the same break.  RoostTribe

And here is the schedule of themes for posting pictures for each day.

This will actually be a hard thing for me to do because when I post something I want to share it right now.  I do however usually blog a week or two in advance.  Wish me luck and I will see you in September.  I hope you will stick around to see my life through the lens for the next month!  This actually may be a lot of fun!

Friday, July 26, 2013

M.E.'s Sea Shell Topiaries

My sister Mary Evelyn is the Sea Shell Queen.  When on vacation she scours the beaches from early in the morning to late into the evening browsing for seashells.  And I don't just mean in Florida.  she has picked up shells on islands too!  From this last cruise of theirs she brought home lots of shells and sea glass that she found on the beaches and decided to make topiaries for herself and the two gals that were on the trip with her. 
She washed and laid out all the shells and glass and glued them on to styrofoam trees.  I think they turned out precious and wouldn't mind having one myself!  My sister Mary Evelyn is a very beachy girl who collects sand from every place she can, bottles and labels where the sand is from... but that a post for another day. 
OK Maybe she didn't wash and dry them... I still see sand in the pics.




Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Subjects two and three

Last year I shared my first photo shoot.  The shoot was for my nephew's senior pictures.  We did so well that two of my nieces wanted to do the same for their senior pictures this year.  This past weekend, I shot one on Saturday morning and the other on Sunday morning.  We took pictures all over our farm and my father-in-law's farm next door to ours. 
One was so very different from the other, and not just the subjects.  I'm not a fancy photographer who has lighting equipment or real fancy lenses or even nice editing software.  So I have to use natural light in every way that I can and sometimes it turns out good and others not so good. 
I have never claimed to want to take pictures of people.  I truly don't want to get into wedding photography or any of that although I feel I would do a good job.  I like taking pictures of my world and our day and things around me to share with you and my future.  But here, I will share a few of my favorite shots of my beautiful nieces. 

Aren't they just gorgeous?!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Finds

This past Friday was the 'Ka-Ching' yard sale day.  Not that I really bought a lot.  But there were a lot of sales and I only regret not buying one set of chairs.  I even ran into one of the kindergarten teachers from elementary school from back in tha day.  The one who went "SSSSSS" instead of "Shhhh."   I had to cut the day short because of an appointment. 
I am happy with my finds and here they are.

My spending on all this lovely loot was around $13.00.  The most I paid for anything was $4.00 for the enamelware colander... but we both know I have a "leave no enamelware behind" policy. 
My favorite thing I got is the green Wheaton ink well bottle.  It was seventy five cents.  Most of my other items were around a quarter. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sweet Katie Bug

She is 15 weeks old.  She fetches.  She knows all of her names.  She loves me.  She loves him.  She plays by herself.  She's found her voice.  She comes when she's called.  She destroys weeds that I fling from the garden.  She does a herding move with the soccer ball.  She loves the day care kids.  She is getting in the car by herself.  She climbs into chairs and laps, not jumps.. yet.  She loves the creek.  She barks at the piglets.  She herds the chickens.  She loves her belly rubbed.  She melts my heart.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite Things

 A few of my favorite things are my cookbooks. 
I used to have TONS.  Then I moved, and got rid of a lot.
Then I wanted more cabinet space.  So I got rid of more.
Now I realize, I didn't need all the other ones to begin with.
So I stick to my very favorite ones.
I have added two new favorites to my collection this year.
Ones I rented from the library and renewed, renewed and renewed again.
That's how I know they belong with me. 
This one has taught me that it doesn't take rocket science to make my own pie crusts.
Which I do so every week.

This one taught me how to truly feel like a Southern cook and make good
chicken and dumplings from scratch.  Yum.
I have more than this in my collection.  This shelf houses only what I use regularly.
What is your favorite cookbook?  Your "when I really want to cook something good" go-to?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Katie Bug at the Creek

My niece Kristen and I took some time out last Saturday to play in the creek and took Miss Kate along with us.  Kate has been to the creek and through it on the four wheeler but hasn't played in the creek before.  At first she wasn't sure about getting the the water and ran along side the creek.  After I squatted down and she came to me realizing that it was ok... it was on!

I love her looking at me.  So cute.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Feet

It is the dead of summer and I have declared war against my awful, dry, polish chipping, cracked up heel feet!  I sewanee y'all... I had a pedicure a couple of weeks ago and one day later you would have never guessed it.  Not because the gal didn't do a good job.  Believe me, she had her work cut out for her that day!  The truth of the matter is this... I live in the country.  I garden, I work, I play in the dirt.  I also go barefoot a lot.  I chopped out the garden yesterday morning and had mud squeezing up between my toes because it rained on me a little bit.  I do good to keep polish on.  Big change from seven years ago when I was single and treated myself to pedicures on a regular basis. 
Now... I just don't look down.
This is real ugly y'all but I remember looking at my Grandmother's heels on her feet, the one who lived in the country, and noticing how dry and cracked her heels were when I was a very small child and thinking... poor thing... I hope my heels never look like that.  They look like they hurt.  And dang it if they don't look just like them!  
Until now.  Last night I broke out my Heel Tastic.  I tell you what... that stuff is a miracle.  My heels looked eighty percent better when I rolled out of bed this morning.  Then I sanded on my heels and side of my toe in the shower.  My feet feel much better today.  I will spare you before and after pictures.  Mainly because I didn't take any.. and won't.  But here's what I did use and a picture list of my pedi go-to's.
You can get the Heel Tastic, the Ped Egg and foot file at Walgreens.  I go to Sally Beauty Supply for my favorite OPI colors and Out The Door lightening-fast-drying top coat.

Monday, July 15, 2013


It's Summer.  And I'm nesting.  I have felt so good over the last week.  I have been able to spend more time at home.  I have moved furniture and "things" around making new areas in our home and on our porch.  I have repotted plants greening up my surroundings on the porch.  I worked and worked in the garden trying to save it and it felt great.  I have been trying out new recipes and really enjoying my kitchen.  I have said goodbye to some unwanted items and just cleaned up.  I am finishing projects that I have started.  I am getting things done.

Maybe it's because I lost most of the month of June dealing with my mother-in-law's illness and death.  Maybe it's the antibiotic I am taking for my tooth and sinus aches.  Maybe it is part of my own healing process and acceptance of a childless life style.  Maybe it's because I am normally up to my ears in canning this time of year.  Maybe it's the tropical rains and breezes we've been having.  Maybe it's our new puppy and being blessed with a fantastic marriage. 

Then again, maybe it's just Summer.