Friday, July 12, 2013

four fanciful things pampered chef style

Don't be cornfused!  This IS four fanciful things, I just couldn't settle on four things.  I'm not sure how I settled on five actually!  If you've ever been to a Pampered Chef party you are bound to have some gadgets or cookware or maybe even more.  I have picked five of the things I use in my kitchen quite often.  So the next time you are invited to a PC party and can't decide what to buy, you have my utmost recommendations on these items!
 I have two of the Measure-All Cups and one little one.  I use the two big ones to measure out Crisco or peanut butter... things like that.
I lurve my Easy Opener.  It is magnetic and stays on the side of my fridge to easily open anything from canning jars to Smirnoff Ice :)
The Quick-Stir Pitcher we use every day.  I make sweet tea with ease.  We actually own two of these and I will say Please don't ever put the lid on the bottom rack of you dishwasher... it will dis-figure.  It's a top rack only item.
My beloved Mix 'N Scrapers.  I own eight of these.  Two large, four regular size and two small ones and believe me, after a Sunday of cooking and baking, they are ALL in the dishwasher at the same time!
My Zester I could not do without.  Together we have made Limoncello, Chess Pies, Margaritas,  lemon cakes, and even my version of Lemon Satin Cremes... aaaah. 
If you don't know what Pampered Chef is... or have never been to a party, there is probably an Associates or Sellers page on their website to find one in your area.  They cook for you friends and everything, PLUS you get free stuff.  I am going to sit here and talk myself right into a party.