Friday, July 26, 2013

M.E.'s Sea Shell Topiaries

My sister Mary Evelyn is the Sea Shell Queen.  When on vacation she scours the beaches from early in the morning to late into the evening browsing for seashells.  And I don't just mean in Florida.  she has picked up shells on islands too!  From this last cruise of theirs she brought home lots of shells and sea glass that she found on the beaches and decided to make topiaries for herself and the two gals that were on the trip with her. 
She washed and laid out all the shells and glass and glued them on to styrofoam trees.  I think they turned out precious and wouldn't mind having one myself!  My sister Mary Evelyn is a very beachy girl who collects sand from every place she can, bottles and labels where the sand is from... but that a post for another day. 
OK Maybe she didn't wash and dry them... I still see sand in the pics.