Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Finds

This past Friday was the 'Ka-Ching' yard sale day.  Not that I really bought a lot.  But there were a lot of sales and I only regret not buying one set of chairs.  I even ran into one of the kindergarten teachers from elementary school from back in tha day.  The one who went "SSSSSS" instead of "Shhhh."   I had to cut the day short because of an appointment. 
I am happy with my finds and here they are.

My spending on all this lovely loot was around $13.00.  The most I paid for anything was $4.00 for the enamelware colander... but we both know I have a "leave no enamelware behind" policy. 
My favorite thing I got is the green Wheaton ink well bottle.  It was seventy five cents.  Most of my other items were around a quarter.