Thursday, August 29, 2013

favorite thing

one favorite thing is just too hard to choose. 
so i looked around, from where i was standing and picked something.
and actually i guess plants are one of my favorite things.
i have them everywhere. 
plus i have fourteen new houseplants left from the june funeral.
so i'd better like them.
if i didn't i wouldn't have taken them.
plants generously grace us with their beauty.
taken from the wild, at one time or another, and placed in a new setting.
this plant is new to me and this one lives at the dc.
it's called baby tears or pilea (tiny leaf).
they've done quite well.
they love indirect, well sun lit areas. 
of which my master bath at home has, so this is where i have three of them. 
i don't know how many plants i care for at my home.
two of them are over twenty years old.
one of those is named Lola.