Sunday, September 1, 2013

hello september

Hello September.  I can't believe the summer is gone.  I am a true summer girl and I always say "I'd rather wear bug spray than long johns!"  But this summer has been so odd, with all the rain and cooler temperatures, no garden canning for me, jeans on the fourth of July!  Pure madness!  Although it has been nice to be able to sit on the porch at night without sweating.  I sewanee if this was your first summer to ever live in Tennessee you would have got the wrong idea of how it usually is around here during the summer.  We didn't even hit 100 degrees!  Not once!  

I'd like to say that after The August Break, that I came back with a new blog look or new fancy things, but y'all... I'm just me and I am going to keep sharing the only way I know how.  I am excited for Fall.  We've got the Dove Hunt, my birthday (40!), a four wheeling trip planned at the mountains of East Tennessee, not to mention Halloween (my favorite), Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Which the latter of the two will probably seem short because Thanksgiving falls on the last weekend of November so there's just a few weeks in between the holidays this year.  Needless to say there's a lot to be excited about in the upcoming months and lots of sharing with you.  So thanks for sticking around!

xO (that's lil kiss big hug)