Monday, September 2, 2013

honky tonk heroes like us

well guys, the fair is over.  i wound up entering twenty photos and bringing home twelve ribbons!  shaun had a good run at the truck pulls.  he didn't bring home a trophy but he did bring home a truck that wasn't tore up.  that's a winner in my eyes... not having to fix anything.  there's just something about the truck pulls that just revs my engine!  I love it! 
I wasn't able to enter anything into the canning division or gardening divisions this year and I could tell from the lack of entries in the canning section that others had the same problems that we did.  oh there were still quite a few but not like normal.  even long time participants, one in particular, entered things like peaches and pears and canned mixed veggies.  meaning to me that they probably didn't have the garden produce either. darn the rain... we are usually praying for rain to hit the garden, not danging it for too much!  oh well... better luck next year huh.

 talking bout what they're gonna do

lining up

now, I think I see the problem.... wow  that's one twisted up drive shaft pal

talkin bout what they did