Thursday, September 26, 2013

What I'm Lovin Right Now

When I ordered my garlic from Burpee, I also threw in a packet of mixed lettuce seeds.  When they got here I was surprised to see that they were actually pellets containing several kinds of lettuce seeds.  I quickly popped them in to the garden at the DC and into an enamelware bowl-turned-planter on my front porch.  Until now I've not grown lettuce before and I had no idea how much I would enjoy the fresh taste of homegrown lettuce. I like to pluck off a small branch just to munch on going in and out of the house.  I have even put in a second planting to be ready after we use the first crop and will do it again once more.  The best thing is that I can move my planted to the covered porch if a frost is predicted and I think it should still be ok.  If not... lessen learned.  I have enjoyed it so much I am planning on a spring crop.  Oh and I have also planted spinach and turnip greens.  YUM! 

The spinach has so far done better in the garden at the DC rather than in the pot.  Either way it may just produce a decent crop for the two of us.