Saturday, October 12, 2013

Looking Up

I don't know about you but it seems that once all the humidity of the summer is gone the stars shine bright.  Another thing that will be attracting my eye is the full moon on my birthday, October 18th, that will begin with a lunar eclipse!  This excites me and seems pretty cool that I am beginning my 40th year and a new decade of my life with a full moon.  I'd like to know if it means something in an astrological type of way!  Back to the stars, I always love to look up and put certain stars together and wonder if they are actually part of constellations.  The Adventure Science Center in Nashville has a printable star chart that will tell you what's out there each month.  There are also aps on fancy phones where you can point your phone up to the sky and it will tell you the name of the constellation.  Pretty sassy!  My flip phone won't do that. 

Here's a link to the star chart for this month

I also like to see satellites floating by while looking up.  Cool!

I realize this picture does not depict a clear evening.  It's the only night picture I could find that I took that was semi-clear.  Maybe I'll take my camera out at night more often!

Have a great weekend!