Friday, October 18, 2013

peppy picks birthday

in mi familia, we always have a birthday get-together when birthday time rolls around.  for the longest time, my birthday was the only one late in the year.  my sisters, mom and dad's birthdays all huddled in january, february and march, while mine hung out there in october.  not complaining... i love being a libra.  when brothers-in-law and nieces and nephews came around, i scooted over and now share this time of year with bunches of birthdays.  there are now four libras in the family!  anyhow, we get each other something for our birthdays and eat cake and all that.  i like to make it easy on my peeps and help them out with things that i might need but don't let myself buy for myself.  i sent this list to them a few weeks ago and thought i'd share my small desires with you on peppy picks!
happy 40th birthday to me!  i am getting two basal skin cell places cut off this morning so that's what i'm getting myself for my birthday!  we also have bellbuckle on the 19th and maybe a get-together with friends saturday night to kick off my 40th year.  it's going to be a fun weekend!