Monday, October 7, 2013

WANTED Camper Journal

So... we just got our camper a few weeks ago.  I have been mentally ready to hit the road for much longer than that!  Although we have been camping tons of times, I feel like a new journey is beginning since we got our 1987 Scotty.  It will truly be our "home away from home".  So I want to start a journal of our travels in our Scotty from the get go.  I have browsed through journals for sale and scrapbooks online and simply cannot make up my mind on what the most durable, sensible, long-lasting selection will be for us.  I still have not rock solid decided which of these to choose but have at least narrowed it down to these four. 

I love the handmade one from etsy that come personalized with our names.  It has 80 pages, is 5 x 8 1/4 inches and is handmade.  $18.00

The biggest one comes in at 7 x 9 inches, has 144 pages and is a durable leather.  I really like the way it folds over to close.  From paper source. $18.95

I like the Red Robin eco-journal from ecojot.  It is 6 x 9 inches and has 150 pages.  I like the round binder edge which would allow me to insert as many pictures and findings as I want.  $17.00

Lastly... I can always use a 100 page, composition notebook, that I already have, and decorate it myself.  I do run more of a risk of the pages yellowing with time as some of my journals have.  But, it's cheaper and will have my own personalized touch.  $.50  bought during school supply time.

I think it will be oh-so-neat to document when and where we went, what we did, notes about the campground, funny things that happened and even who went on the journey with us.  Maybe even a good recipe I used, a picture or two, trail maps and good times.  What fun!