Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Adventures LOC

Weekend Adventures on a Wednesday!
This is totally a true story and sums up what kind of Aunt I can be.
Friday evening I was talking with my sister Mary Evelyn on the phone.  I already had my Saturday planned which included staying at home and enjoying household chores like hanging my sheets on the line and going through some old clothes in the attic.. stuff like that.  Until... she mentioned that the Ladies of Charity thrift shop opened that day for the fall season.  I obviously didn't get my mailer/reminder from LOC so I said "well, I've already planned my day and I guess not." 
Cut to me: lying awake at five a.m. Saturday morning thinking and knowing there was no way I was staying home that day.  I was going to the Ladies of Charity sale.  I sent my niece Lacey a text at 6:45 and when that didn't work I called her... twice.  By 7:00 I had her talked into coming home from Clarksville to go with me... YAY!  It wasn't too hard.  All I had to say was "then I'm going by myself" and she said "oh no you're not!"  After I talked to her, I phoned another niece... Kristen... twice, woke her up.  She was ready to go within 20 minutes.  I picked her up then we met Lacey and the three of us headed out for a day of thrifting! 
The LOC sale was spot on this time!  We all found lots of items to buy.  We always go to the dressing rooms together and gladly give out opinions of the clothes.  We chose our goods and headed to our favorite spot to eat, Baja Burrito, in Nashville.  We ate outside and they even had a new poster of which we all got one.  After we ate, we decided to hit our other favorite thrifting spot, ThriftSmart.  The first time Lacey and I went there, we were there for over two hours.  We all selected great items and by that time were pretty much tuckered out so we headed in. 
I will share with you, just to prove that a little goes a long way when thrifting, that I spent around $140.00.  I bought seven pairs of jeans (one Loft new with tags and one Levis new with tags), six blouses including two adorable flannel shirts for fall, one pullover, two sweaters, one sweat jacket and three t-shirts... one for Shaun.  You do the math!
If you wish to have more info on the places we visited here are the links...
Our theme was "Gypsy Chic"

She reminded me of the corvette/beach scene in Terms of Endearment with Shirley Maclaine.

She... can't find time to grow up.

She... wants to get to the door first ;)

They... weren't even open yet.

Waiting as quietly as we can.

Morning Ladies of Charity!

Lots o' bargains

The jeans/purses/scarves room.

I resisted the puff paint turkey sweatshirt.... how... I don't know.

Sweet Kris.  Please notice the 1990 patchwork jeans I dug out the attic and promised to wear so Lacey would get up and come.

Some of my choices.

Some more.

A happy thrifting girl!
 P.S. the Ladies of Charity thrift shop is open this fall from September 27th through November 9th.