Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekend Adventures Windrock

Y'all... it's hard to stay away from this place!  It's a four wheeler's paradise!  Located in Oliver Springs Tennessee, Windrock Park or Coal Creek is 72,000 acres of four wheeling trails ranging from easy to moderate to hard.  We tend to stay away from the hard trails.  They are more for rock climbing vehicles in my opinion. 
We gathered a good bunch of friends, rented a cabin and convoyed up to the mountains on Friday and returned on Sunday.  We cooked in the crock pot, four wheeled all day and enjoyed the heck out of each other's company.  And what's better is that we have one more trip to Windrock in our memories!  Luckily we didn't break anything on our four wheeler this trip.. well that couldn't be fixed on the spot anyway.  There were eleven friends in all and we all made it back in one piece...
or eleven pieces :)

I think we need a theme song... Oh Windrock we love you!