Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekend Adventures A Great Turkey Shoot

Well, I am here to report the best turkey shoot at Sleepin' Bear Lodge and Farms that we've had to date.  The 7th annual shoot was put on Saturday, November 23rd, which is a week or so later in the year than it is normally held.  We had a cold, windy day but that didn't stop the shooters from coming.  I don't have an exact head count but I would venture to guess around a hundred people were in attendance which is the most we've ever had.  Over five hours we shot thirty two lines, between shotgun, rifle, pistol and skeet shoots.  That's a bit over six shoots an hour.  We had fantastic helpers there all day from the firing lines, pay line, behind the scenes and food crew.  Which speaking of the food.... we had regular chili, dove chili, BBQ soup, jalapeno cornbread, regular cornbread and desserts!  If you left hungry it's your own fault!  The raffle tickets gave way to three guns given away, two air guns and one 410.  Folks won so many turkeys, Boston butts and country hams that we ran out which is a wonderful thing!  Y'all, we had a mighty fine day and I'm not sure how much exactly we raised for the children's hospital but we gave it our finest shot.  Thanks to everyone and if you weren't there, well we missed you!!

I was too busy to take many pictures.  Here are a few of the ones I was able to snap.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Morning and Recipes

I am a big fan of Thanksgiving morning.  Although our family gathering is not held at our house I still have lots to do and wouldn't have it any other way.  I have my standard dishes that I make every year, cranberry relish, sweet potatoes, pecan pie, sometimes deviled eggs.  I also like to have the parades on and even though I don't have the antenna attached to my TV I can still run in the other room to see what's marching down the New York and California streets all morning.  There is also a favorite Thanksgiving episode of Will and Grace that I like to watch.  Thanksgiving is certainly a day full of tradition. 
Here are a few recipes that I use the very morning of Thanksgiving.  For starters I have to say that I changed my recipe for sweet potatoes a a few years ago when I found The Pioneer Woman.  Mine were pretty good until I made hers... dang!  You can find the link to her recipe HERE.
  My Cranberry Relish recipe has made an appearance on the blog before

A wonderful Blackberry Jello salad from my Grandmother Brown's recipe archive is a good refreshing salad to have on a Thanksgiving plate.  Find the recipe HERE.
Pineapple Casserole is another favorite Thanksgiving table staple that my Grandmother made.
A good Pecan Pie recipe never hurt anybody!
And a little Soda Cracker Fudge to snack on after the turkey settles would be nice!
And a little something new to add sparkle to your life, and to my eyes because it is my absolute all time favorite congealed salad not just because my Grandmother made it but because it is the best, Strawberry Salad. 
Right click and print if you wish.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Gingerbread House Plans

Each year my family gets together to decorate gingerbread houses.  My Mom and Dad are the construction crew and the grandchildren, myself, a couple of sisters and aunts are the decorators.
A couple of years ago, we decided that this would be our Thanksgiving afternoon craft.  You know, when the boys are all passed out from the huge meal and there's only football on TV. 
We all bring candy supplies and have a grand ole time.  Some of us... me mainly.... feel better if they have a plan in mind before the decorating begins.  This year I came up with two themes for myself .  I decided to go with Chocolate Explosion!  I am so excited!  I have Coco Puffs, mini Snickers, mini Reeses, a chocolate Santa.  Here are my inspiration pages and pictures. 

I love all the inspiration that can be found in books and online.  Crazy ideas!  Mine seems to always end up sloppy but it's all so much fun.  I will print out  my inspiration page to carry along with me so I don't get sidetracked.  Here's my inspiration and house plans from last year.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gingerbread Houses - The Making

My Mother and Father have quite the construction business going on this time of year!  I decided this year to show a few "behind the scenes" pictures of my Mom putting the cut out gingerbread houses together.  For starters, at this point, my Father long ago cut out wooden circle disks for the houses to rest on and has traced and cut out all of the pieces of foam core board for the walls and roofs of the little houses.  Maybe next year I will catch him in the act for pictures of that process!

Mom decided to use foam core board because she is a genius.  We used to put together graham crackers with thick royal icing as glue which led to much messier houses than we have now.  But if that is all you've got to work with, by all means, get to it!

First Mom wraps each wooden platform with aluminum foil so we can safely use them again and again.  Then she uses a glue gun to put the houses together.  First the walls, then the roof and finally she glues each one down on the aluminum foil.  Her next step will be to cover up the glued edges with icing on each house!  Wow!  That Mother of mine!  This year she made sixteen houses for us!  It seems each year we have more family wanting to join in on the fun and that's A-OK with us!  Nice work Mom!  Love you!

 This is their pattern for two different size houses.  Top secret stuff!

The disks before foil.

Those hands have spanked my bottom and hugged my neck a bunch y'all!

Taped down for security purposes.
Each house has six pieces... obviously.

So now you see we ain't kiddin around when it comes to this particular tradition.  And my house plans for this year ain't kiddin around either.  Stay Tuned!

Friday, November 22, 2013

his birthday

i love my man.  he knows what he likes.  which makes gift giving pretty easy.  he wears through his overalls and scratched up his favorite sunglasses at a pretty rapid rate.  so keeping him stocked up on his favorite things is my job when it comes to our homey holidays.  here's what my plans are for his birthday this year.  a couple of regulars and a couple of new things he won't be expecting. 
Wrangler work shirts, furniture dolly from harbor freight, Harley Davidson safety sunglasses, Liberty overalls from overall warehouse dot com, camo lined pants from uniqlo, his favorite supper.
Happy Birthday My Love!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

lovin right now

Just a teeny list of things I am slightly addicted to at the moment. 
Sweatshirt from Target men's department.  I seriously do not want to take it off.  It is so soft and warm, just long enough and just loose enough.  Hard to believe it's made for a man.
Also made for men... Hanes 4 pack, v-neck tees in black and gray.  I already expressed my love for the white ones, so I thought I'd get some other colors.  Comfortable and relaxing.
Dots skinny jeans.  I have had my pair for at least two years and never wear them... until recently.  They are so comfy and hold me just right and came in at a great price.
Roasted peanuts and candy corn!  I have to have a handful every night!  The combination of salted peanuts and candy corn sweetness tastes like a Payday candy bar.  Be sure to get the salted nuts and not be like me who was too cheap to spring for Planters nuts and had to get the lightly salted Kroger brand because that's all they had... not the same.  Boo.
Movies based at holiday time.  I was making ornaments last Sunday and watched The Holiday twice and The Family Stone once.  It made me cry too much to watch it twice.  I'm not quite ready tor Elf and A Christmas Story.  Easin' right in to the season here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turkey Shoot at Sleepin' Bear

Every year for the past seven years, my Father-In-Law has put on a big turkey shoot at the farm next door to us... Sleepin' Bear Lodge and Farms.  The proceeds from the shoot each year are donated to Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital and Vanderbilt, which is a plus in itself!  We have a really big time having shotgun target shoots, pistol shoots, novelty shoots, raffle prizes and lunch to boot!  We have had prizes from turkeys, city hams and country hams to camo gear and even guns. 
We generally have a great crowd and would love to see you and your family there!




Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas Inspiration

You never know where a bit of inspiration will come from.  That's why I do a lot of book requesting from the library.  I came across this book online and it found it's way to my hold shelf at the library.  This is a good one y'all!  It is Country Living Merry & Bright, 301 Festive Ideas for Celebrating Christmas.  I really enjoyed this book.  I am mostly a picture reading kind of gal.  This book had tons of hints and suggestions and pictures so I was very pleased!  Here are some of the pictures that were inspirational to my home decorating for Christmas this year.
Ok, I was inspired by the cover!  I will be using bottles and ornaments in the window above my tub this year for sure!

A good way to use up scrap fabric.

I love the idea of a front porch tree.

So easy, festive and fun!

These trees may be a touch on the tacky side but I adore them!

Love tinsel trees!

I really like this felted wool garland. 

I love the way they stuck bottle brush trees and presents just here and there in this open cupboard.