Friday, November 8, 2013

lovin right now

truly I am not one who indulges in really expensive things.  i like comfort, i like cheap, i feel i am an easy to please kind of gal.  here are a few things that are rockin my world lately.  the only thing that you can't find at your local super-walmart are the american eagle jeans.  and mine are thrifted, used and extremely broke in.  i like em like that!
i'm hooked on nerds.  the funny thing is, is that they have been in a candy jar at the day care for months without me touching them and all of a sudden they are all i want!
i accidentally/kinda purposely bought the green apple chapstick at the dg for shaun.  he likes the original and i thought i could pass this off cause they didn't have his kind at the register.... didn't work.  lucky for me i'm now a big fan of it!
my men's department, 3 pack, v-neck, white tees.  softer with every wash.  made for a man but strong enough for this woman! 
my jeans have holes and are a tad too tight but i some how can find used american eagle jeans at the thrift store like nobody's business and take them on through the rest of their jean existence. with love.
i am completely digging the smell of lavender/vanilla downy infusions.  i washed an afghan that i bought at a yard sale that is so soft and it held on to this smell like a boss.  i sat in my comfy chair last night covered up in lavender vanilla heaven.  i like it on my clothes too.  i even washed our sheets, blanket and bedspread in it and when i walked in the room it smelled wonderful and clean.