Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Tribute to My Friends

You may think it is a little late in the year to be planting bulbs, but in Tennessee, it's still ok.  Heck I haven't even planted my garlic yet!  I ran across some crocus bulbs on clearance at WalMart a few weeks ago and had an idea for our little beloved pet cemetary.  I had the idea a couple of years ago while planting bulbs on Miss Pepper's grave.  I made a P out of crocus... P standing for Pepper.  The second spring the flowers cam up I could really see the P for Pepper blooming in all it's glory.  I just loved it.  So when I saw the bulbs on sale I grabbed them.  I bought purple for Dottie's grave and white for Sipsey's.  The last few weekends it has been too wet or too cold to be out digging in the dirt.  This Saturday, however, was perfect.  And it truly only took me about twenty minutes.  I also had bought some coral colored tulips for them too so I planted them as well.
I simply cleared away the leaves, and took my hand shovel and hoe to dig out a simple letter shape.  Crocus only have to be two inches in the ground so I didn't do any major digging here.  I finished up Dottie's "D" and that's when I was discovered.  I heard leaves rustling and looked up to see my chickens running toward me, Miss (Mr) Kitty walking in the tree line up a log and Katie Bug standing there with her frisbee in her mouth.  I kept tossing the frisbee for Kate while I started Sipsey's "S" and the chickens decided they would kick around and help me dig too.  Every time I found a worm I would call Pepper's name (the chicken, not the dog) and she would come running to eat what I had found.  She's trusts me so much.  Miss Kitty just laid on the log watching the circus unfold. 
 I really love the fact that even after the wooden crosses are rotted away, some, if not all of the bulbs I lovingly placed in the ground for my lost friends will still come up in their honor.  I really hope someone will do the same for me one day.  I can't wait until spring to see the floral letters appear!

Sipsey Maye Alabama Brown
Miss Pepper Jean Brown
Dottie Girl

Our sweet girls.

I didn't start bawling until I started adding pictures of them... way to go Laurie!

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