Saturday, December 21, 2013

Favorites To Watch

Oh y'all... I have put together a list of shows and movies that I only watch this time of year.  Me and some of these shows go back a really... really long way.  Most of them really.  The Benji Christmas story has been a fave since I was very small.  The Keeping Up Appearances Christmas episode is a favorite, being a British comedy that still comes on channel 8 at 8PM on Saturday nights.  I watched it this morning while cooking breakfast.  Will & Grace have I think three Christmas episodes in all their seasons.  My favorite is when Jack is creating a window display for Barney's New York and Grace steps in to help.  A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart is my favorite version other than the original.  He has such a strong character and plays the role to a tea. 
What are your favorite movies and shows to watch during the Holidays?

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