Monday, December 9, 2013

Gift Guide: For the Birders

Today's gift suggestions are designed around bird people.  People who like to feed wild birds, identify wild birds and watch wild birds.... people like me!
Black Oil Sunflower seeds can be found at any feed store or Walmart.  A true bird winner.  And while you are at Walmart, pick up a scoop and maybe even a bird feeder for your recipient.  This bird feeder is available on Walmart dot com.  I like it because it has a cage on both ends to put suet cakes that attract birds like woodpeckers and chickadees to feeders.
Magazine subscriptions are great because it will bring the giftee bird learning joy all the year round.  Bird Watchers Digest is issued six times a year and has great articles about birds.
Birds and Blooms is every month and has fantastic pictures, tips and stories from fellow birders.
These binoculars are a little pricey but are essential for birders to get a really good look at birds far and near.  These I found at Academy HERE.
I am drooling over Bird Feathers the feather identification book.  Being the "finder of feathers" that I claim to be, I would love a copy for myself because sometimes I am not quite sure which bird a feather came from.
Bird guides by each state is brilliant!  Author Stan Tekiela has a bird field guide for each state.  It's been a rare occasion that I have seen a bird that wasn't in my Tennessee book.  Look up Stan Tekiela on Amazon dot com to find your state's book.

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