Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gingerbread House Trees

This year, while preparing for my gingerbread house, I remembered once using ice cream cones for trees.  Since my theme this year was featured around chocolate, I decided to use chocolate candy melts and roll my cone "trees" in the chocolate. I then used snowflake sprinkles while the chocolate was still melty enough for them to stick. 

It then hit me (btw this was Thanksgiving morning while I was making three pies and two batches of sweet potatoes... so I had nothing else to do but make trees) why not make a few more using white chocolate melts and other kinds and colors of sprinkles.  So my cousin helped me make a few more for other gingerbread house decorators to use with their houses.

These were so easy and so much fun!  And any gingerbread house is gonna need some trees!

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