Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I truly hope everyone has done their end of year preparing and are ready for a new year.  I have tried my best.  I avoided a few chores and did some others but all in all I feel I'm pretty ready.  Yesterday the kids got in the mood to help me with chores at the day care.  I was half in shock when three of them asked me if they could help.  I happily said yes and happily rewarded their efforts with Smarties!  For the end of the year in blogging for me I thought I would share a trick the Miss Katie Bug likes to do.  She has trained me well I tell you.  We mainly play this way when I am in the kitchen cooking and can't use my hands.  She's such a smarty!  My friend Melia was over this past weekend for some catch-up girl time.  We had a blast together and she got a kick out of Kate doing this.  Love to all and Happy New Year!

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