Monday, December 9, 2013

Kid Kraft Christmas Trees

Hey y'all.  I thought I'd share a really easy Christmas tree activity for kids that we made at the day care.  Supplies needed are cardboard, pencil, scissors, green paint, paint brush, masking tape and colored yarn.  I have included a printable for the Christmas trees that you can right click and paste or print.  I printed mine on cardstock then traced the tree onto cardboard and cut them out.  Next the kids painted the trees before naptime.  When they got up the trees were dry and they got to decorate them.  I cut pieces of yarn about a foot long each then taped one end to the back of the tree and let the kids wind and twist the yarn around their trees and ended each strand by taping it again to the back of the tree.  To make it stand on it's own I had to do some trimming on a couple of them and bent and taped the "stand" of the tree.  The kids loved it... for a few minutes it seemed and then the boys all played with their trees as airplanes and swords.  Oh well :)

I really liked doing this simple craft with the kids.  Not only did they get to use paint and fine tune a little bit of skill with the yarn twisting, we talked about Christmas trees, tradition and colors while they were crafting.

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