Friday, December 6, 2013

Shabby Chic Crafting for Christmas

OK.  As much as I would love to claim that I came up with this precious idea... I cannot.  I was buying some bottle brush trees from an awesome Etsy site called loveitshabby when I happened upon something so darling in the shop that I sent a picture of it to Mary Evelyn at around 7am on Saturday.  Well she called me a few minutes later to tell me how precious it was and to also in form me that she had just the thing for us to make this project ourselves.  So my friends... that is exactly what we did that very afternoon! After hitting the library, an estate sale and a thrift store, we wound up at her house and made the best craft I have made in a while that involved a glue gun... which I personally have not used in a long time.  Not that I have anything against glue guns, my projects have been more based on glue sticks, elmers and modge podge.
So here's a Christmas project that we totally stole the idea for!  Sorry!  I'll tell you straight up that the ice skates she bought at a yard sale for $1, we already had all the other stuff from spray paint to ribbon to... wait a minute... I did buy the tinsel at the thrift store that morning for seventy five cents.  So we have a combined total of maybe two dollars each in these and I LOVE THEM!
Kid sized ice skates... maybe pre-teen.

We covered the blades and heel with tape and removed the laces which were pretty shot anyway.

Gave 'em a good coating of pink spray paint.

We painted the laces too just incase we wanted to use them.

Handy tip when doing this: use a rake to stand the skates up to dry.

My new favorite thing...  silver, metallic spray paint.  $3.77 spray paint is rockin my world!

Tip #2: crafters can't be going hungry!  Make sure to have snacks while crafting!

Stuff them with newspaper.

Make a lovely bow  and choose some otherwise gaudy fillers.

We both wound up using this silver twine to lace them up and make the hanger.

Hot glue the tinsel to the top rim of the boot.

Glue on the bow and other baubles into the top.

See how cute!

This is what makes me proud!  I am a Southerner and I've still got it!

M.E. added a cutesy bottle brush tree to hers.
I would like to personally thank whomever made up the words "Shabby Chic".  Those words bring tacky as hell to classy and desirable in a heartbeat!