Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antiquing we will go

Last Saturday, after running from place to place and knocking shops off my list, my sister and I weren't quite ready to call it a day.  So after my last "have to" stop we headed to grab an ice cream cone.  Across the street from the Dairy Queen, there is an antique mall called Rare Bird Antiques.  It's been there for lots of years and when I was a child I remember the corner housed a pizza place.  It is right next door to the church I grew up going to.  While there are tons of treasures at the Rare Bird we seldom find much that we have to have and we almost didn't go.  Turns out we both came upon several treasures that we just couldn't leave behind.  I bought a couple of birds for next year's Christmas tree, a gift for her birthday and a candy dish to use as a planter for my smallest baby tears plant.  Mary Evelyn got really lucky and found several items that she collects at great prices.  We were both glad we stopped in.  Even though you haven't had much luck in the past at a certain place, it always pays to look again!

I wanted this tray!  They wanted more than I wanted to pay :(

Some may not like it tarnished and rusty.... but we do!

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