Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DC Inspiration

At the day care, I try to make an inspiration page or board at least once a month.  I fill it mainly with pictures of things we could do from the internet that I come across.  I try to make a new sheet either as we get them done or by the month or season.  It's nice to have a little go to of easy crafts we can do.  I happened on a web site yesterday that gave me lots of ideas.  I mainly like the DIY section of the site.  It is full of ideas and crafts to do with kids. 

HERE's the site.  You can also follow them on Pinterest which I am trying to get into once again.

Here's my sheet for this month.

I made it with my notes on it before I decided to share it.

I love having all these back ups ideas that I can glance at anytime.  We have actually made one of them already which I will share soon!

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