Thursday, January 23, 2014

flower power

My friends, I have bought more flower seeds.  I have been watching for snapdragons at every flower vendor I visit for two years and haven't found any.  I guess the growers don't see the point anymore?  This year I decided to find seeds and grow my own.  I bought a tall version and a dwarf version, both from etsy dealers.  The dwarf version is coming from Lithuania!  Hope they will grow here!  They weren't expensive so if they don't work out, se la vie.  I also bought zinnia seeds, because I am addicted, one called Dichronda Emerald Falls for hanging pots, and a batch of Chamomile ( I decided not get the seeds from Burpee for this one).  I am going to talk my Mister in to plowing up a spot in the back field for the chamomile as the packet has a bunch of seeds!  Here are the links to the two shops I got my seeds from.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mary Evelyn!

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