Thursday, January 16, 2014

Herbal Itch

It is not even two weeks in to the new year and I am already craving the 2014 growing season.  I have been on for days now picking out new seeds for herbs, flowers and some vegetables.  Some places around here won't have seeds for another month or two.  Walmart already has some.  I know because I bought two packs.  My garden plans are a little different this year.  I will start with this post about the new herbs I will be growing (new to me).  Then I will stretch it out a bit in the next couple of weeks.  I won't start sowing seeds indoors for at least another month... if I can wait that long.  The problem with starting them early is leggy plants for me.  Especially since I don't have a greenhouse where they can live full time until planting time.  So I really have to be careful not to get out of hand.  I feel it will be safe to begin some of my herbs and flowers that will live in pots.  That way I can bring them under the porch eave or inside if the weather gets too chilly this spring or lasts too long.  I really love having something to nurture.

So here are the herbs that I will be trying to grow this year.

Stevia is a natural sweetener and I am very excited about this one.

Chamomile I would like to find a spot in one of the fields for.  The seed packet only has 1500 seeds.  I want this one for teas mainly but who knows what else I will come up with.

Lavender... oh lavender.  I have tried three times now to grow lavender from seed and I am not about to give up.  I can envision it on the outside of the iron gate around my secret garden.  Good luck to me.

Rosemary I always buy but who's to say I can't grow it from seed?  I'm going to give it a shot anyway.  I love the smell of rosemary and like to use it when cooking and on buttered rolls.. yum!

By the way... is anyone interested in a seed exchange?  I will be inventorying my seed shelf really soon and I know I have lots to share.  I will be sure and post what I have plenty of and if you are interested maybe we can swap seeds with something you have saved from previous years.  How fun is that!?!? Stay tuned!  

Also, I am thinking of making Thursdays my garden post days.  Because....... I can!  So if you are mainly interested in gardening inspiration Thursdays will be your day on Peppysis!  Love ya mean it!

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