Friday, January 10, 2014

lovin' right now

1. Doc Martin - channel 8 show that I caught one evening when Shaun was snoring on the couch.  I thought it was a tad bland at first but within minutes I was sucked in and watched the whole show.  The next time I caught it on the same thing happened to Shaun.  It has been on for several years so I looked it up at the library to start from the beginning and catch up.

2. or Dots on Dickerson Road.  I have been wearing their seven dollar, long sleeve t-shirts for a few years now.  I layer with them.  I just bought some a size up from what I wear just to have longer sleeves and length.  Not that they run small... quite the opposite.  The sleeves have always been long enough for my long arms... I just wanted longer :)

3.  While waiting for my prescription of Tamiflu at Walgreens, I found these Glue Dots!  The kind I bought are removable and fantastic for quick projects and when you don't want to wait for the glue to dry or if the tape stops sticking!

4.  I bought this Crane frog humidifier for the day care.  The slight misty fog comes out the top.  I felt it could help us all during these winter months when the heat runs non-stop.

5.  Saltine/peanut butter sandwiches.  Y  U  M .  Kroger saltine crackers are my favorite because they have good salt on them and Kroger creamy peanut butter is fine with me too.  I'm not a brand name girl at the grocery store anyway!

So there's what I'm lovin' right now!

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