Friday, January 3, 2014

We Sell Shelves

I tell you what, we have been truly blessed in our little endeavor of shelf making.  Two years ago for Christmas I asked Shaun to build me some kind of shelf for my claw foot bathtub.  I showed him a picture or two of ideas and he came up with building a shelf from old tobacco sticks.  I absolutely loved and still love it to this day.  A couple of months later I listed the shelf, not mine, as a custom built item in my etsy shop.  We sold our first one a few months after they were listed and have been selling them since.  Once we even ran out of sticks and let me tell you they aren't easy to find.  I'm not sure where we'll look when we run out again... eek.  It fascinates me to have the feeling of our creation being shipped all over the United States.  So much that I sat down and went through two years of sales and made a US map of which states our shelves live.  I am pretty amazed.  We only lack ten states of having a shelf in every state!  We also have two that live in Canada and one in England.  It has definitely turned out to be fun and a nice little side job!

Here is a link to my etsy shop peppysis.

Pretty cool huh? 
Here's where I made the map.
And here's the latest shelf pics from a happy customer.  It's a booger to get people to send you pictures!

Aside from the fact that her tub is beautiful, I adore the chandelier and built in wall cubby.  Also her tub fixtures are so cool in black.  Oh and the shelf isn't bad either!

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