Monday, January 27, 2014

weekend shots

I will never get tired of taking walks at our creek.  I feel very fortunate to have nature all around me.  Sunday, Shaun, myself and Katie bug took a walk.  My main goal was to visit the waterfall.  The path to it has been pretty overgrown since the summer so Saturday night we took a little four wheeling ride and cleared a walking path in my truck, Black Rose.  It really did help the walk and I was thrilled to see the waterfall frozen.  Even on a sixty two degree Sunday in January.  Amazing that it was sixty two today and the low tomorrow night is eight.  That arctic chill just keeps circling around to us.  Needless to say, we took advantage of the beautiful day.  I also included a not-so-good video that Shaun took of Kate and I playing.  I was skipping rocks and she started chasing them in the water and barking and got absolutely drenched in the process.  She was not ready to leave when it was time... neither was I.  I am hardly ever ready to leave.  

I like the pink on the stems in this picture.

I loved finding this area of ice in the creek that was hovering slightly above the water level and making droplets under the ice.  Looks like polka dots.  I walked between and left it undisturbed.  This pic is pretty in black and white too.

I like this water flow profile under the ice.

The moss is so slick right now.  This is the frozen waterfall.  The water is flowing underneath all the ice.  Is was pretty thick.

Me giving Kate a little love.  She's such a good girl.

I found this Chevrolet hub cap.  It was upside down and filled with dirt and rocks.  I brought it home and cleaned it up.  We are, after all, Chevy lovers.

Me and Kate playing.

This green leaf caught my eye.

I haven't seen these initials carved in this tree before althought they've obviously been there a long time.

Spot the nest.  In life it is pretty large and being on the edge of the tree line and up againt the trunk of the tree I feel it is most likely a hawk's nest.

And a really not so good video of me and Kate playing.  You'll have to turn your head during part.  Sorry.

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