Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Go Karts

SO, we were told by some pals that there was a new go kart facility that had opened in Nashville.  We used to have a couple of outdoor tracks but to my knowledge they are history.  We decided, on Valentine's Day evening, to go a check them out.  We piled in with eight or nine friends and headed South on a very cold night.  I was glad they are indoors!  Y'all, this place is pretty cool.  We got our tickets and our head socks and helmets and went to wait in line for our eight minute ride.  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  The karts run about forty miles an hour and the concrete track has twists and turns.  I actually got turned around going around corners a couple of times and wound up being the slowest of our group but hey... slow and steady wins the race.  Not really.  I didn't win.  We had a couple of ex-race car drivers in our group.
Y'all we had a blast.
So here's my review...

Location:  8  You would think this part of town would make you nervous 
but once we got there it wasn't bad at all.

Price:  6  A little high for my style but I do understand why.

Safety:  9  I wasn't uncomfortable a bit and the karts are controlled 
so if there is a wreck they slow everyone down.

Overall Fun:  10  Cause I like to go fast and live on the edge a little.

Look them up:  
400 Davidson Street Suite #403
Nashville, TN 37213
Phone: 615-242-3275

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