Friday, February 14, 2014

last minute valentines

Just because you may have waited until the last minute to send or get your loving Valentine something doesn't mean you're lazy, you don't care, or you are cheap.  It can be hard to know what to get someone, especially when they seem to have everything.  At the same time, it's not always necessary to spend a wad on jewelry or two hundred dollar roses or waiting outside in the cold at a restaurant for two hours just to get crappy serving and a cold burger.  Seriously?!?  Is it that important?  While I do have a romantic in me and will admit to a twinge of jealousy when several girls at the office got flowers and I didn't, I understand that those things may not be on our budget and truly deem it unnecessary to base a relationship on "things".   Personally I'd much rather a night at home with the fire on and a simple warm meal on the table with a special dessert that I made... just for him.  I will say that I did get my hubbo a little gift that he will probably think is corny but on the other hand may love it.  I have a few tips on ways to not spend a ton of money but still get the point of "Dear Valentine... I Love You" across.  Most of them involve the grocery store.  Good luck!

1.  For an easy meal I recommend Chicken Florentine Pasta from The Pioneer Woman website.  Minimal ingredients, easy to make in under 20 minutes and delicious along with crusty bread and a bottle of wine.

2.  Our local Kroger sells OPI fingernail polish.  Pick up a hot bottle of red polish for an after supper pedi!

3.  Most grocery stores also sell dvds or you can rent one through Redbox as you leave the grocery.

4.  You can always visit the floral department at the grocery store.  I personally love what some people call "filler flowers" simply put in a mason jar on the table.

5.  Stop by the lotion section of the store to get some vitamin E oil for a massage.  Don't forget to give the massage later.

6.  While you are on the lotion aisle, hop to the bath section for some soothing bath salts.  Tub for two?

7.  Pick up cupcake liners and pipe cleaners for kids to make Valentine flowers. 
 I posted a DIY on Giggle Box blog HERE.

8.  Browse down the candy aisle for some soothing chocolate or your loved ones favorite.

9.  Head to the reading section, every grocery has one, for a copy of their favorite magazine.  Be it Cosmo or Bike Fever, make it something they will enjoy reading over the weekend.  Mine would love a good Wheels and Deals if they still made it!

10.  Since Valentine's day is on a Friday this year and public establishments will be crazy, why not pick up a gift card for their favorite restaurant for a later date night instead of fighting traffic and angry lovers and winding up coming home half exhausted from dining out.  Grocery stores have them in the check out aisles. 

11.  If the grocery store Valentines aren't good enough for you, try a nice robe for either of you.  Steinmart has both men's and ladies robes at very good prices.  Thank me later that I already ran around and did the research on this one of who carries men's robes!

If you can't find that any of these tips satisfy you... maybe you are just too spoiled for my taste.  
Or maybe your hopes are set too high.
I like things simple and cheap but most of all, done from the heart.

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  1. Good ideas! We always just stay in on Valentine's Day and enjoy a meal together. Maybe I'll pick up a DVD from Rebox tonight now that you suggested it :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. My girl's name is Pepper as well! So sorry about your girl. It is so hard to lose them :(


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