Monday, February 3, 2014

weekend shots

It must have been a good weekend because it's Monday and I'm tired.  Friday was a good day of running around town and Saturday had plans much the same as Friday.  I opted out of my running around plans when I felt the weather outside and chose to stay home all day.  I opened windows and hung sheets and towels on the clothesline and after baking my Dad's birthday cake and some sourdough bread, me and Katie Bug took a little stroll through the woods.  We hopped on a deer trail on the other side of the creek, because I am determined to find antler sheds yet again this winter, and I wound up finding another rock with shiny minerals.  Some even in pink.  This is around the same spot I found one last Spring.  I also found another one in a different area too.  KB just found a big stick in the creek.  Sunday was just busy with my Dad's bday and then an awesome super bowl party at a friend's house.

And P.S. I'm back on facebook. 

I made a sourdough starter last Monday from a recipe in the ole trusty red and white checked cookbook.  Then finished it by baking two loaves Saturday.

This one is riddled with crystals.  At least that's what I call them.  Pictures just don't do them justice.

Tommy even got to enjoy some sunshine... until Miss/Mr Kitty chased him back in.

Shaun found this feathery gem while nailing up boards to hopefully seal the starlings from roosting in the insulation in his shop.  I heard him coming up the front steps when he brought it to me.  I love when he thinks of bringing me things he knows I will love.  I don't know what bird this is from.  Maybe a heron or goose's underbelly feathers?  It is so wispy.

My sister, Marty, sneaking in a photo bomb.

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