Monday, March 31, 2014

weekend shots

whew what a weekend!  i feel like it was one of those weekends where i got to do pretty much whatever i wanted... in addition to the things i had to do.  i was able to squeeze in a walk to the woods twice this weekend.  one was with a friend on friday which was pretty cool.  we made some good finds.  then yesterday it was kate and i and i took my drawing pad and pencil instead of my camera.  the camera definitely captures the beauty of the place better than i can with a drawing pen or pencil.  oh well.  i also got to try my hand at being a real waitress, went dancing, avoided wearing jeans, bought a new hat and kate got in the pond for the first time!  how was YOUR weekend?

She was very verbal with the fish in the pond.

She splashes with her paw the bites the water.

I have several pictures of her when she would stop and give me this look.

Boy she was after those fish.  I didn't seem to phase them in the least.

I spy...

Marble found in the creek.

A few of my favorite things

Tulip Poplar showing come green.

weekend finds... a coyote skull, a brownie bottle and a feather left on the doorstep.

Me and Katie Bug

Trout Lillies should be blooming by next weekend.  The leaves are coming up everywhere in the woods.

HERE is a shot of the dogtooth lillies or trout lillies from 2012.  I missed them last year.

Friday, March 28, 2014

literally on the library hold shelf

I seriously saw the mention of The Broken Circle Breakdown on a blog and thought I'd see if the library had it.  I've been on the hold list for a few weeks for it.... still waiting.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge.  I am anxious to read more about vegans and heck since I have been challenged thus far with my diet... why not push it further!  Do it Gul!

Green Smoothie Magic.  Since I got my Vita Mix, we've made smoothies at the day care at least twice a week and had them for our dessert with lunch.  This book is cute in that it talks about green magic juice from leaves and the making of smoothies in a kid sense.  

I am still on my bread making kick and Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day I had to see.  I have really enjoyed the other bread books I have had and learned a lot but I still haven't found the dark bread recipe I am looking for.  Maybe this one will have something for me!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

home tour: our room

Welcome to the second part of our home tour.  I'm not some sort of interior design person by any means.  Heck I didn't even tuck our blanket in under our quilt... mainly because I am tired of doing it and have come to the realization that it doesn't matter.  I didn't even dust the room.  The light seemed good that afternoon so I went a got my camera and started shooting.  Our room, much like the rest of our house, is filled with things that mostly mean something to us.  Antiques, keepsakes and hand-me-downs and it's just who we are.

I have a thing about not storing anything under the bed.  As you can see there is a dog bed under there and a cat bed and possibly a little hair from each but I committed long ago to for-go using the space as storage.

The cow chair was recovered this way by my sister and I just two weeks before we got married at our house.  I almost lost an eye during that process.  It's also got Kate's beach towel on it which I could have thought to move.

I made the dream catcher here with a doily and feather that I found.  Our friends gave us the shelf for a wedding present and the horse came from Shaun's collection as a child.

This is my terrarium that is a year and a half old.  I haven't watered it but twice since I made it and I'm sure it didn't need it then.

I found this baby doll leg with moss in it down one of our fence rows and knew where it's proper home should be.  This is why I call my terrarium my "terrorarium".

I paid two bucks at an antique mall for this embroidered picture and it has since been one of my favorites.

Uncle Randy gave my this mannequin head not long ago.  She old, fragile and has had a nose job but I love her.  She also came with the hat.

Two of my favorite pictures.

I found this cow tooth not long ago... I also found the other things.  The bird nest I found in a tree and the others at Bellbuckle last fall.

Views from our window.  Luckily there aren't any houses out there or we'd need blinds!

You can find the first set of pictures from my home tour in our guest room HERE.

You can also find a tutorial on planting terrariums HERE which is when I planted the one here.

Sorry no green recipe today for the last Thursday in March!  I made guacamole several times and some avocado soup that I couldn't bring myself to post.  I was happy with my guac just not the recipe I took picture of.  Oh well... maybe next week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

dc days

ahh our first trip to the dirt pile this year.  it has finally dried up enough for us to walk and climb on and not get stuck in the mud.  this trip was actually a week or so ago and much needed. most of my kids were already gone for the day so it was three of us.  we were actually on a bear hunt and took a detour, climbing the highest dirt pile for a better look.  plus we found bear tracks around the dirt pile.  not really.... but really.  we had corn stalk torches that we would pretend went out and had to relight with each other's until we got tired of toting them.  here's our song... or bear hunt chant rather.

we're going on a bear hunt, one two three
we're going on a bear hunt, you and me
we're going on a bear hunt, wait and see
we're going on a bear hunt, what's in that tree!

the last part would startle them because i would point and yell... hehe  not everyone has this much fun at work i don't think.  i like to hunt for arrowheads of which i found a piece of one that day (not pictured)

like me... they come back with pockets full of treasures.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a healthy start

My breakfast of choice since all the changes to my diet includes a bowl of cheerios (for whole grain), 1/2 banana, raisins, dried strawberries, ground flax seed and almond milk.  Well, last week I ran out of cheerios.  My gut reaction, or the devil on my left shoulder, said "just eat whatever you fix for Shaun", which would have included a bread, sausage and eggs.  Two of which I have cut out... sadly.  I thought for a moment about what I could substitute for my cereal.  My doctor suggested once that I eat cheerios or oatmeal with three fruits for breakfast.  I am not an oatmeal fan although the thought crossed my mind that it wouldn't kill me just this one day.  Then I had another thought... I have been buying whole grain, white Bunny bread since my changes and so that would be the base of my breakfast and I would get my whole grain.  My creation actually turned out fantastic and left me wanting another piece!  Probably because of my new favorite thing... almond butter!

Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend shots

What a busy weekend it twas!  Yard sailing Friday morning before picking Katie bug up at the vet from being spade, working outside at home, library, grocery, then topping it off with a birthday party for my Mom and sister Tracy... who have the same birth date.  Beautiful weather... funny how the cold isn't bothering me anymore.  Mainly because I know it's not staying.  I love it!

Yard sale quilt.  I like the red bandana parts.  $3

New to me wagon.  I already used it trimming my rose bushes.

Kate and her cone.  She was NOT happy about it.  We took it off Saturday afternoon and she didn't bother her stitches once.

I was redoing decor on the porch, went in and through the basement to bring up a coffee table and couldn't find Cotton.  I walked around the house and looked everywhere but inside the house.  Then here she came out the front door.  Guess that's what I get for leaving it open listening to Bill Monroe.

Shaun, making a heavy duty bumper for his work truck.... pretty slick.

My kitchen window hangings

Good pic of my boy.

Silly chicken... she pooped right there on her way out.

Birthday girls!

We got my Mom tickets to Wicked!