Tuesday, March 4, 2014

a march snow

And ice!  Sunday afternoon and evening it rained and rained then, as the temperature dropped, it turned to ice and snow.  Monday morning my truck warmed for forty five minutes and still didn't come near melting the ice on the windshield, I decided to try to get down the driveway to the day care in my car which is two wheel drive and she was going to make it until I got to the first of two trees down across the drive.  I backed up and Shaun took me to work in the Blazer with the door open to see.  I wound up only having two kids show up that cold day but at least I can be the type of facility that doesn't close on days like this which is a big convenience to parents if they can make here because they have to.  Monday afternoon the sun peeked out and made all the snow and ice look so beautiful and clean.  I hope this is out last hoorah.  I am ready for spring.  I have noticed all the bulbs trying to pop their heads up and trees beginning to bud after the couple of sixty degree days we had recently.  It's coming and I can hardly wait!

My snow man.

My poor little chives that were popping up.  Sweet things.

The next few shots were from Tuesday morning.  It turned a little foggy after I got to work.  Kind of like life in the mountains, up in the clouds.  It's cold that's for sure.

DC panoramic... kinda.

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