Wednesday, March 12, 2014

are you a sloucher?

Are you a sloucher?  Not a slacker... a sloucher?  I am for sure.  When I catch myself slouching, which is quite often, I think of the Grandmother in the movie The Parent Trap telling Hayley Mills "Stand up child, don't slouch!  I hope you haven't picked up any bad habits from that camp of yours."  Slouching is a bad habit and not only that but it makes your body less efficient and can damage your spine, muscles and ligaments and can make you tired.  I can be at my computer, sitting on my stool and the day care or just standing there talking and realize that my back is curved in like a C or my midsection is oddly using my right hip to rest on.  All slouching!

I remember sitting in church, some years ago, and noticing this gal at the other end of the pew.  I didn't know her and she was sitting by herself.  She was sitting as straight up as anyone I have ever seen.  Her back wasn't even touching the back of the pew.  I wondered for a minute if she might have had a back brace on that wouldn't let her sit back.  But the whole time, there she sat with this perfect posture.  Of course I tried to sit up straight too.  I am sure I forgot in a very short amount of time and slumped back on the pew. 

Matter of fact, or I may have dreamed this but I seem to recall a gadget or an idea that they should make a buzzer that you attach to your bra that will vibrate when you start to slouch to remind you to stop it.  That's an idea. I would wear it too. I truly feel better and more alert when I stand up straight and am trying to train myself to be aware of myself slipping and make myself sit up better. 

Here are five tips to stop slouching today!

1.  Hold your shoulders back.  This will immediately make you tilt your lower back in straightening you up.

2.  Look up or straight ahead when you walk.  Don't stare at the ground which you really shouldn't do anyway.  Especially when walking in a parking lot where strangers are. 

3.  Hold your chin up!  It curves your upper back inward instead of outward.  No one wants to be a hump back!

4.  Stand erect and pretend to zip a zipper all the way up your midsection while taking a deep breath.

5.  Adjust your chair to a position that helps you sit up straight or get one of those back pillows for lower back support.

Good posture makes you look and feel better.  Not to mention a confidence booster in both your appearance and mind!  Are you a sloucher?  What kind of tricks do you have to remind yourself to stand up straight?

And while you 're at it... tame your tush!  and... Have a jog and a smile!


  1. When I slouch, it aggravates a degenerative disk in my neck & causes my shoulder to hurt and sometimes makes my left pinky finger to tingle. Not zesty! After a few trips to the physiotherapist, he suggested taping my back. With duct tape. He put it diagnally from each shoulder to my waist while I over corrected my posture. It worked too!

  2. hey that's a pretty neat idea jenn


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