Thursday, March 13, 2014

broccoli snack

While at the day care one day during nap time I got an odd craving.  My nap time cravings usually consist of cookies or hidden chocolate... sound  like home?  I imagine homes with kids hide special sweets!  Only this craving involved healthy stuff and I just happened to have the three ingredients I needed... broccoli, cream cheese and Melba toast. 

I first learned how to make steamed broccoli in the microwave when I was a teenager and my Mom had gone on a diet in which she ate a chicken breast, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and squash with a side of Melba toast and maybe a piece of cheese on the toast it seems.  The chicken and veggies were all cooked in the microwave but not together.  We had these Tupperware microwavable bowls that had lids that didn't seal.  The chicken had lemon pepper seasoning and it's bowl was partially covered with plastic wrap to let steam escape and the vegetables had lemon pepper and dill.  I think we all got hooked on this combination.  I know for sure Tracy and I did.  Not for the weight loss but because it all smelled so good and was easy for us to cook and clean up.  At least I hope we cleaned it up after ourselves.  Sorry Mom if we didn't!

I have used this simple way of steaming broccoli ever since and used it the day of my craving last week.  I had said that I was going to try and share a green recipe each week during March and you can't get much greener than steamed broccoli!  You could make these for yourself or to share.  Enjoy!

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